Ride Report for Ride Captain Mike (Tin Teach)

Warriors Watch Riders received an invitation from Marine mother Laurie Harrier (also a WWR member) to welcome home and escort her son, L CPL James Yeager. We were happy to escort him from the Lehigh Valley International to his home.

L CPL Yeager USMC is in the 2/8 Weapons Co., MAP 2. He is a graduate of Notre Dame High School in Easton PA. When James told his mother of plans to join the Marines, he was asked to wait a year to see if he felt the same way. Exactly one year from that day James was a Marine. L CPL Yeager turned 21 years old in January while serving in Afghanistan where he was recently in three battles where three Marines in his unit were KIA.

The main rally point was directly across from the airport. It became apparent even before the rally time that the lot was going to be overflowing with people excited to be part of James’ surprise welcome. The turnout was of epic proportions – bikes numbering close to the 200 mark, not to mention all of the cages. LEO support was wonderful and RC CanAmChris did a great job of overseeing and directing the mass of well-wishers. Several organizations participated, and everybody had a great time seeing familiar faces and making new friends.

At the airport exit we set up a flag line. Prior to James coming out, WWR also got to welcome home a returning Army soldier as well as an additional Marine. Our gratitude for those that serve did not end there! WWR was able to thank a young lady that will be going into Army basic training later this month as well as TSA airport employee whom is a Vietnam Army vet.

We got underway to escort L CPL Yeager home. There were people with welcome signs cheering along the way who said that the roar of all of those bikes was heard five minutes before we arrived. Congressman Charlie Dent, as well as State Rep. Julie Harhart came to our Marine’s home to thank him for his service. James is a wonderful representative of the Corps. He and his family paid it forward the very next day welcoming CPL Corey Stahler home. Thank you again, Marine, and welcome home!!!!