Ride Report posted for Ride Captain Jonathan Jackson


Another successful Welcome Home! THANK YOU to Army SPC Frederick White!

We need to especially thank the Chicago PD. Their assistance and coordination was invaluable, and much appreciated. Not only did they help out, and make arrangements for the family at the airport. They sent a squad to escort us all the way into the city, from the airport, to the family’s home! Thank you CPD!

Frederick was very surprised, and couldn’t believe the outpouring of support, thanks and encouragement. His family was VERY appreciative, and also surprised.

We are impressed and grateful for the dedication, commitment and bright example Frederick is setting to his friends, family, neighborhood and fellow service members.

We intercepted Frederick, with the help of Chicago PD at the Oasis. Then, we all saddled up and headed to the city. We were going to make sure Frederick and his family arrived safely at home, under escort. and in proper, noisy, celebratory style! We definitely woke up the neighborhood!

Thank You Frederick! Your service and sacrifice are not unnoticed, and very much appreciated!

Jonathan Jackson

Warriors Watch Riders