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Welcome home Cpl. Mark Allan Kirby from Iraq, a great time was had by all. I was in touch with Pam & Mark, Cpl. Kirby’s parents since last night. We made the plans to meet at the Engine 69 Air port fire house as usual. Before I even reached the fire house, Pam called to tell me that the plane was delayed about 20 minutes. All of the family and riders were at the Fire house, and we received the call that his flight had been CANNCELED. not delayed. He was to drive to another airport to catch a flight home. Afterabout 20 minutes the airlines got him a flight on a diff. airline completley, 2 1/2 hours later. Everybody agreed to leave and come back 2 1/2 hours later to complete the ride they had started. Not a problem, we all went in diff. directions and came back to start all over again. We left for the airport and was greeted by 1/2 of the airport police force to assist in

making this happen. My hat is off to the Airport Police. They stayed there until we were gone. It’s no over yet, Cpl. Kirby was greeted by his family and our WWR riders and Four police patrolman who went looking for him to bring hi out.. Everthing was there, everything was great, except his LUGGAGE. The luggage came in on a diff. flight completely on the other side of the airport. Again the Police sent the family in a Patrol car to the other side of the airport to retrieve the LOST luggage. Your right, it has yet to be found. An hour later we finally escorted the family home to Aston Pa., where friends and family greeted him home with the FD and news Reporter.

Ladies and gentelman this was by far the Longest Short Ride ni the history of the WWR. I would like to thank Kell, Ben, Gary, and Shawn for making this a great short notice of all time ride. Oh yes I found wrong way Country lost again at the air port. Thanks Mike, as always we did it our way.