Ride Report posted for Robert Himber

What an honor it was to meet and escort spc. Christopher para Jr.

We had about 30 bikes and a few support vehicles,with the assistance of 2 lakemoore police squads, we rolled into the quiet sub division with all the lights, sirens, horns and roaring engines to suprise our Hero Christopher.


We gave him the classic NIL WWR mug and hug and presented him with his beads, coin and binder. It was awsome to see the pride in his family as theye talked about chris and it was easy to say he is a special young man. ( I also told dad about the dark sunglass trick) We then rode with full escort and our hero on his brothers bike to his welcome home party where the Mchenry vfw and friends had a huge flag line greeting Chris as we rumbled in.

After another mobbing we went inside to have McHenry IL. mayor Sue Lowe present chris with a certificate and had him sign our heros banner and a group shot. thanks to chris’s family for letting us be a part of this welcome home event. RnR Bob