Ride Report posted for Bob “RJ” Abrams

What were we doing at the Lake Forest (IL) Oasis on the Tri-State Tollway at 0430 hrs (4:30AM) ?  We were waiting for a young American hero, his wife and dog, Bentley.  USMC Cpl. Jeffrey M. Sells, Jr returned to his home in Zion, IL after fulfilling his 4 year enrollment, which included tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Chicago and Zion PD escorted Sells to the Oasis, where he was met with a jubilant, pre-dawn flag line.  After a barrage of welcoming hugs, we set off to our destination, about 25 minutes away.  Most intersections from the highway were blocked by volunteers and we arrived at a church in nearby Winthrop Harbor to a waiting crowd.  There were some remarks by local dignitaries and the presentation of our beads and coin.  Cpl. Sells signed our banner and everyone gathered behind it for some final pictures.  With that, we were on our way and I’m sure the Sells; Jeff, Katie and Bentley headed for a warm bed, after their 11 hour flight from Hawaii.

It was definitely an early start to our day, but what a way to start the day!  Ooh-rah!