Ride Report posted for Cheryl “Beads” Riley

So a funny thing happened, my gift of gab got us another mission, this one a send-off for an Army recruit.
While at work, I often mention WWR, who we are and what we do. I usually get positive feedback asking how to join or how to help. But every once in awhile I come across someone who “knows someone…” Well that’s what happened here. My name got passed on to a dad, who at no surprise, is so proud of his youngest son JohnHenry, that he asked WWR to come out and show our support. (this was Thursday and the get-together was Saturday. It maybe tough as we already have a mission scheduled for 5 returning Marine LCPLs at about the same time.)  Well we can’t say no, to recruit or a major, for they have signed that blank check. So we’ll do it! The family was having a get together at a local pizza place, not only to celebrate his stepping up to wear the uniform but also on his recent marriage to his long time girlfriend. This would be perfect, he wouldn’t suspect a thing.

We arrived a little early at Nick’s Pizza & Pub (the location of the party), and this worked out to our benefit. While waiting, a few of our members chatted with a few of the customers already there and explained who we are and what we were doing, then asked them if they would like to join us. And a few did! We lined the hallway and waited….all of a sudden there he was, so tall (really) and proud of the next chapter in his life, it showed. This young man, only 19, has his sights on AirBourne Ranger!  
I presented him with a print out of the thread and our beads, as well as passing the coin! I then reminded everyone… 
It’s the soldier, not the media, that gives us the freedom of the press,
it’s the soldier, not the poet, that gives us the freedom of speech,
it’s the soldier, not the politicians, that gives us life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,
it’s the solider, who salutes the flag,
it’s the solider, who serves beneath the flag
it’s the solider, whose casket is draped by the flag
Good Luck JohnHenry Begley! and know that the Warriors Watch Riders will be waiting here for your safe return.
A special THANKS to the staff at Nick’s Pizza & Pub for their help and support in our missions.