Ride Report posted for Spike

Danville ,Ca. has the largest 4th Of July Parades in the Bay Area. Alittle bit over 1 mile long,and crowds on both sides of the street 4 deep. Full Media coverage as well,Tons of Floats ,HotRods and many veterans organizations with military Vehicals. We staged early this year,due to the parade starting early at 0900 hrs. We l ft Buchannan Field
at 0600 Hrs. We had 43 Bikes with the Blue Angels Corvette and The 9/11 Tribute corvette & 

One 1967 “H” Model Huey. We headed down the freeway with the Huey and Escorted her to Danville,Once into town we staged her in the proper spot,around 10 more bikes showed up. After awhile the parade started, and we formed up,some bikes in front of the Huey and the Vettes and rest of the bikes behind.We also had our other Huey do a  Fly over. Saw many familiar faces in the crowd, the 91st Army Lead the Way , Daughters of the Revolution carried a Huge Flag in front of us. We were with the Vietnam Veterans Of Diablo Valley.

Diablo Valley Flag Brigade had a huge float as well, Blue star Moms and the Sentinals Of Freedom were on Hand. Was a very good Parade today, our first of several for the year with the Huey. After we got to the end , we closed up the Huey and headed home to put her back into the barn.Around 25 bikes escorted her back. Once locked down ,we took a break and had a coffee at starbucks and talked about the Parade.