Ride Report posted for Spike

This was a 2 psrt mission for us.Kevins dad tom informed us that Kevin was flying home on a Monday night at around 10:30 pm. So,we planned a Airport Escort to his house only,since we would be late getting in.We planned his Community Welcome Home with the City of Danville the next evening.So, we headed out to Oakland Airport around 10 pm. We waited for his arrival,then we did our Mug & Hug and took a Group Photo , we rolled out and got him home around Midnight.So, we said our goodbyes and left,No Coins ,no Fanfare ,nothing.

The Next night we rolled to Kevins house ,and he thought he was just going to a council meeting,NOT, We had something totally differant planned.His Uncle was also at the house, he was a Vietnam Veteran,We coined him,He started crying .Grabbed kevin in tears.We gathered up the Entire family,Gave Kevin a Helmet ,threw him on my (spike) bike, I  cranked up AC/DC and we rolled to Danville Town Hall. There were at least 100 folks there waiting.Kevin recieved proclomations,Certificates,Flags , coins and Lots of Hugs. Then took our Traditional Group Photo. Welcome Home Sailor