Ride Report posted for Doug
On Sunday evening a group of WWR riders, family and friends of Seaman DeQuannis Euman met at the Hinsdale Oasis.  We met Seaman Euman there and escorted him to O’Hare International airport.  DeQuannis Euman USN was onboard the USS Carl Vincent when Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea.  After a short leave DeQuannis is headed back to California to join his ship sailing back to the Persian Gulf.  We greeted the young Sailor with a flag line of about thirty patriots.  Our motorcade was aided and supported by the Chicago PD.  We thank the PD and the officer for his aide in getting into the airport, through heavy traffic to the terminal.  The officer was excited to meet our young hero and very intrigued with the challenge coin one of our members awarded him.  We presented Seaman Euman with a coin and set of beads as well as a framed copy of the mission announcement and a box of Girl Scout cookies for the flight.
Thanks to the family for involving us in this send off.  Thanks also to our loyal members, friends and family for their support.  Thanks to the Chicago PD and the very cooperative Police officer for getting us to the terminal and then back out to the expressway.  Especially thanks to our young heroe, Seaman DeQuannis Euman for his brave and courageous service to our great countr y in the fight against terrorism . 
Doug Askren RC NIL WWR