On a beautiful Saturday evening on July 23, 2011 the WWR, OWYH and Plainfield, IL FD, PD and PEMA welcomed home PFC Andrew DeJong from active duty in Afghanistan.  PFC DeJong is an Infantryman, Company A, 1st Batallion, 168th Infantry Regiment.  PFC DeJong is a Radio Transmission Operator (RTO) and was responsible for gaining intelligence which was vastly important in our fight against the Taliban.  PFC DeJong recieved certificates and awards

for exemplary support and bravery.  PFC DeJong was suprised by his welcome home with a flagline and a procession of bikes and cages that extended for several blocks.  PFC DeJong stated he was happy to be back home and the thing he missed the most about home was “clean water.”  PFC DeJong was presented with an escort to his home in the Marine One limosine where there were over 100 supporters, family and friends in attendance.  PFC DeJong recieved a WWR coin, WWR correspondence book, Girl Scout cookies, pizza for one year from Little Ceasers and flavor of the month for one year from Culvers.