Ride Report posted for Adam L.

The day couldn’t have ended any better for 25+ motorcycles and a handful of jeeps and cars with strobes. With perfect weather in the 80s, riders were able to welcome home a Marine in Aurora and then convoy to a surprise mug and hug for Lance CPL Patrick Moore at the Naperville VFW. While having an assistant ride captain can be helpful at times, confirming the route from staging TO the actual location shouldn’t have any deviations… RC followed GPS, assistant RC took right… everyone followed assistant… RC doubled back. Yes very interesting. (can’t spell lost without the LT, thanks guys, lol)


Happily, all riders and cages we able to hug our hero and his family at the VFW. Beads were presented to the family and a challenge coin to our Marine. Everyone emptied from the VFW and into the front parking lot to take their pictures by the motorcycles and exchange emotional handshakes and hugs. Our hero tearfully expressed how surprised and happy he was. Lcpl Moore recalled seeing motorcycles escorting his comrades that had passed on just few months earlier, and how having the WWR welcome him home that day was an incredible feeling. He truly felt like a Rockstar.  Mission Success!