2nd Annual Flag Day party with the seniors!!


 Contact was made with our friends at Atherton Place, ( a senior citizen apartment.) asking if they would like for us to come again this year for Flag Day. Last years visit was such a success, that they jumped at our offer. So the Ga. WWR family went into action planning this year’s visit.


 Last year we had 6 bikes & one cage. We did not know what to expect as we headed there from the staging with our two car, Marietta PD escort. One of our family was heard to say,  ‘ holy shit! What are we going to do!! There were about 50 people in the main area when we arrived. All went well enough that we also went there last year with Mr. & Mrs. Claus.


 Now to tell about this year’s fun! We ended up with 17 or 18 bikes this year & once again one cage. We only had a one car LEO escort this year. It was still a good one. After all we only road about three blocks from the staging area to Atherton Place. We had the engines revving & horns a blowing when we pulled up at the front entrance. In other words we were raising some HELL for them. Just as last year they loved our entrance.


 We all went in & started mingling with the residents, ( about 60 this year), who were in the main area. Small American flags, flag pins, & American flag spinners were handed out. After a bit of socializing Hippie called things to attention. A story of how Flag Day got started was read. Then some special emails from a few of our out of state WWR family were read by CarrieAnn. Then Bobby presented a certificate of thanks from the WWR to veterans who work at Atherton to a security guard who was a Navy vet. Last year we did so to the residents. This year we thought it would be nice to acknowledge the staff. Then we sang a couple of patriotic songs. When we sang “God Bless America” most of the residents proudly stood up.


 After all of that, we still were not do having fun. We invited them to come outside where the bikes were parked. Pictures were taken of those who wanted to sitting against or on the bikes. We would hold the flags on the bikes up as if they were flying behind them as a patriotic backdrop for the pictures. Couple of them even got to ride around the parking lot on a trike that was with us.


 The funniest thing was seeing that one of the residents had talked Snappy out of one of his flags off his bike. He had it folded & stuffed under his arm, as if he were protecting a prized possession.


 As we mounted up & got ready to leave, they asked if we would make a couple of LOUD parade laps as we left. That was to good of an opportunity to show off, to pass up. So we did as asked.


 The WWR family had so much fun they can’t wait to go back. The staff at Atherton has asked if we can come back again this summer. So it sounds like we will be going back again before our Christmas visit.


 What an honor it is to be able to have so much fun with our nations seniors. As with most of the things the WWR does around this great nation, it is hard to tell who was the most blessed. Those we are there to serve or us!!


 Written by the Ga. WWR family.