Ride Report posted for Link

WOW!  I seemed to say that alot on Saturday May 28th, 2011. This was a very special day for a very special young man. On this, the start of the Memorial Day Weekend, Warriors Watch Riders welcomed home a Hero…Lance Corporal Patrick Smith.  This young man is a third generation Marine…OOH RAH! Not only is his father a Marine, but he is a Philadelphia Fireman. We were able to surprise his Dad with a welcome home presentation by A Hero’s Welcome and a coining at FB69. This family is very patriotic and responsible for a lot of generations of our FREEDOMS. I am sure that Patrick’s grandfather ( who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day and fought in the Battle of the Bulge ) looked down on this young Marine, as he so humbly stood on his front yard in Philadelphia, and ,”thanked the veterans of the Vietnam War for their sacrifices, because they had it much harder then we have it now.” This young man told the gathered masses that he and all of the service men and women still believe they are making a difference and are fighting for the right cause.  He also mentioned the fact that they GOT the guy who was behind the Taliban strikes on 911. The crowd erupted in cheers and hollers. We all mugged and hugged Patrick as he stood on the lawn ready to celebrate a welcome home with family, friends and neighbors. Thank you to the Phila Traffic Police for there escort from PHL to the families home. Thanks to Channels 3 and 6 for their coverage of the Message. Also to the 60 bikes and 9 cages that came out on this beautiful Saturday…Thank You from the Smith Family and from me…You will never let me down.

Just a side note: We coined a Navy Vet at FB69..one of the Firemen.  And while waiting at the airport, we coined a WWII Vet.

So, counting Pat’s Dad…That makes a fourfer ( 4fer )!

What a great day.  Hey Patrick…Happy 20th Birthday and See ya on the road!
MarineDad – Ken