Ride Reportposted for Tamale

Warriors Watch Riders and A Heroes Welcome helped 14 WWII veterans celebrate Armed Forces Day 2011.  The groups were invited by Hidden Meadows On The Ridge (Assisted Living Facility) in Sellersville, PA.  Our own Tamale’s father, who is a resident of the facility, and the other veterans  were very impressed by the WWR and AHW display of patriotism and gratitude to their service for our country.
There were approximately 20 motorcycles and 5 cages that participated in our famous mug-n-hug ceremony.  The residents were all sitting outdoors in the front of the facility when we came roaring up with exhaust notes loud and horns blaring.  Those of the residents who could stand, did so and applauded our entrance.  We recited the Pledge of Allegiance, observed a moment of silence for our fallen heroes and thanked each other for sharing Armed Forces Day.  WWR then made their coin presentation, A Heroes Welcome made their certificate presentation and then all the veterans and residents got a round of hugs and hand shakes from our illustrious group.  Emotions ran high as everyone remembered and celebrated.
Upon leaving, we were asked to make another pass-by with our vehicles.  Of course, we could not deny such a request!  It’s always fun to show off our stuff a little bit!  It was a day all of us will never forget.  The weather was beautiful, spirits were high and we left hoping we would get invited back next year.
Respectfully Submitted,

Tamale (Pat)