Ride Report posted for THE GROOM!
(SIDE NOTE FROM LUTZ, WWR FOUNDER: I am more proud to post this Ride Report than you can perhaps understand. This wedding was, in every way, a true Warriors’ Watch Wedding (WWW), and I am HONORED that the WWR, as an organizaiton, was so much a part of it.
Adam, Nikki, Congratulations! My wish for you is a marriage that lasts a lifetime, that you find in each other not only love but true, life-long friendship. That’s the best kind of marriage, I think.
To the Father-In-Law, Auggie, you must be very proud. To he who performed the Ceremony, Circuit Rider, you’re duties are expanding!
To all of Northern Illinois WWR: My heart is in Philadelphia, but otherwise it would be with y’all.)

Our very own Adam Laurich (a founding N.IL member and currently a 1LT in Army National Guard) was escorted by his soon to be Father in Law- Rich “Auggie” Augustyn for a wedding one would not forget. 


10 Bikes staged at  the Glendale Heights VFW, to find out that they weren’t open, but had plenty of shade was available while waiting for the groom. (oops on Groom/RC Auggie). After Mug and Hugs, Groom jumped on bike, revving, hollering saddle up! Thankfully, he was reminded by the N.IL Coordinator that the post said KSU @ 1015 (oops again!).



Finally off to second staging where linked up with 8 more riders! National Guard coin presentation to all riders in appreciation for escort, then rolled on to Buffalo Rock State Park. (The total route was approx 90 miles. A handful of riders traveled an additional 50-80 miles to make entire ride.)



The DJ blasted entrance music of Low Rider as the escort roared into view. After a few quick refreshments, riders formed a flag line down the path to where the ceremony was to take place. Many attendees were pleased to find that the minister was none other than one of our own “Circuit Rider!!!” WOW what an awesome surprise for all.



Many pictures were taken and all in attendance were treated with a BBQ. Tears were formed during the reading of Fallen Comrade Table by Nikki’s uncle Bruce (Vietnam era Special Forces).



Cheers were formed when the newly weds created a “Unity Grog”. Couldn’t have asked for a better time with better family. God Bless all WWR and God Bless America.



More wedding pics can be viewed here: http://augustynlaurichwedding.shutterfly.com/pictures/11