Ride Report posted for Readbeard

When we received this request I had the privilege to speak with Jamahl’s Mom, Gloria, on the phone. As we spoke and I told her a little of the WWR and what we do and the other groups, Yellow Ribbon Club, and A-heros Welcome, I could hear in her voice she was crying.  When she finally got a few words out she said.. “Thank You all for what you do” … It is always amazing that people who give and suffer so much, from the Parents, spouses  and the Heroes themselves are always the ones who say Thank you when it should be every single Person who lives in this country giving Thanks and praise to them.

So we rallied together and with the assistance of the Monroe Township Police we were brought safely to the “GEETS” Diner where our Hero and His mom were eating.  Of course as we pulled into the Parking lot and we parked out back where the sports section is, .. my phone buzzes with a Text message from Gloria saying.  “ We are in the Sports section” … ok so we picked the wrong side to wait But still, our Hero exited While both the escort and a few Patrons of the Diner cheered and Thanked Him for his service.  We scooped up our Hero and proceeded with our Escort to their Home.   Our Police Escort passed us off to the Winslow Police who brought us into the neighborhood with Sirens blaring.

 As we turned the last corner what came into view was the Magic of the Yellow Ribbon Club.  Ribbons tied to trees and fences, Neighbors and loved ones carrying Flags and the Winslow EMS/Fire Department with a Ladder truck and a Nice Big American Flag Flying.  We pulled into the sea of people and our Hero was quickly surrounded.  After the speeches and recognitions given to this Hero, He was turned back over to his family, loved ones and neighbors who were showing him how much they missed him and how proud they were of him.

US Army Pvt Jamahl Hughes  We all Thank you for your service and dedication to our country. It is Heroes like yourself who ensure our freedoms and way of life stay safe and secure.

And to Gloria, ( Mom)  The amount of tears that rolled down your cheeks today was a beautiful reminder of the Love that is shared by a mother and her child. Thank you for raising  Jamahl to be an American Hero.