Ride Report posted for Boo

On Friday, 5/13/11, the WWR was honored to participate in a ” ” by the students and staff of the Waller Elementary School. 

And what an honor it was. Over 400 students and staff were on hand as the WWR entered the field to a great ovation. We lined the perimeter of those in attendance, dismounted our bikes and stood tall.

 WWR Member and Iraq Veteran, Steven Iler, presented a prepared American flag to the Mosley High School ROTC for deployment. All stood at attention and saluted as the flag was raised

 During the service patriotic songs were played and a sense of pride permeated the crowd. Ms. Teresa Kostick read aloud the names of 12 Veterans that had recently made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom. As each name was read, Jack McDougall tolled the bell to recognize their passing.

 At the conclusion of the ceremonies a three round volley was fired to the thrill of all.

 In attendance were 17 bikes, 2 trikes and 1 cage. We were also honored to ride with one of the Waller teachers aids and her husband. 

 Regardless of the Mission the WWR is always willing to step up and answer the call.

 Please accept my most sincere thanks and admiration.