Ride Report posted for Don Brady

12 bikes and 4cages waited for LT Schueman Friday afternoon to return from Afghanistan. LT.Schueman served with the 3/5 marines Darkhorse who suffered the greatest loss of men in the history of the Afghanistan war. Twenty-nine marines from the 3/5 gave their lives during this tour and over 100 came back with amputations.

 When our hero arrived we hugged him and thanked him and he was asked if he wanted to ride on the back of one of the bikes and you know what the answer was, yes. Off we went down Cicero Ave with Chicago PD leading us to a party in his honor! Oak lawn PD blocked the busy intersections and waved and saluted as our hero passed.

We arrived at the party to a wall of Chicago PD  saluting our hero. We coined him and gave him beads, and he said “I always felt Chicago had my back”. We thanked him again and left him to enjoy time with family and friends.  WGN.COM did a story on the 9pm news about our hero.

 Special thanks to Chicago PD and Oak Lawn  PD for helping welcome home this hero.


Don(sailor74) Brady