Ride Report posted for Big Gun

Terry was in the crowd alright. We had about twenty bikes and a cage. I pulled everyone in for the briefing and said “In just a few minutes we will be taking our hero down RT130 for a Welcome Home Party”. I asked if anyone was from the Delran area, maybe they thought I needed directions LOL. Rich Corte raised his hand, I waited, then Terry sort of did (gotcha!). “OH GOOD, Please help me coin this hero!”

I pulled Terry from the crowd (she had a look on her face like OMG is he going to make me speak in public ). I told her “This is easy, we have a very easy spiel. Just say how the sacrifices you make let us live the life we do. On behalf of Warriors Watch…..TERRY CORTE, WELCOME HOME!”. Terry stood there with a blank look for a moment while I tried to hand her the coin. I said her name again and everyone was making noise. THEN she took a few steps back and said “WHAT!”

A Classic! We had a nice ride down RT130 where the Delran VFW was cooking up burgers and pouring drinks. That was a lot of fun.

Welcome Home Terri!