Ride Report posted for Dennis

After weeks of planning the time finally came to Welcome Home Captain John Hoffner USMC.  Once again WWR and “A Hero’s Welcome” did not let down the Hoffner family or Captain Hoffner.

We had 25 + bikes, numerous cages and lots of family members.  We started by welcoming home and thanking the many members of the Hoffner and Austin families for their service.

Richard Hoffner Sr.  – USCG from 1962 to 1970 – Police Officer in Chetenham Township and retired after 34 years of service.

Richard Hoffner Jr. – Richard Hoffner – USMC 1993 – 2001 & currently detective in Hatfield, PA

Venus Hoffner (Richard’s Wife) – Navy 1992 – 1996

Charles Hoffner  – USMC 1995 – 2006

John Austin (Chas Father-in-law) – E-5 – 66-68 Nam with Combat Engineers

Last but NOT LEAST, Peg Hoffner (John’s MOM).  Mom hitched a ride to the airport on the back of Ed Thomas’ Bike.

We departed Engine 69 for the airport.  We set up the usual flag line up the escalator and the family proceeded to security gate.  John & his wife walked through the doors and when he saw his family he was in shock.

After some family hugs and an Action News Interview, we proceeded to the escalator.  I think at this point John had no idea what was next with all the flags and people.  We took a group picture and mounted up for the Phila Highway Patrol escort to Horsham.  Once off the turnpike we were met by Upper Moreland and Horsham police to continue the escort the John’s Home.

As we approached the house the Fort Washington and Horsham Fire companies stood with their trucks lights and sirens blazing.

Here is a list of all that helped with this welcome home.

Phila Highway Patrol – Escort all the way from the airport

Fort Washington & Horsham Engine 15 fire companies

Upper Moreland & Horsham Police

What a great night and good job by all.

Welcome Home John!!!