Ride Report posted for JD

It was a beautiful day to Welcome Home an American Hero.  Chief Warrant Officer Manish Karnik just returned home from a Deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and his wife, Sona, asked if we could show him a little appreciation.  Are you kidding me?????  Sona, showing America’s Real Heroes some appreciation is what we do best, thank for the invite.


Twenty five bikes found their way to the TGI Friday’s in Marlton to wait for our Hero to exit the restaurant after enjoying lunch with his family and friends.  We got the call from Sona that they would soon be leaving.  We made our way to the front door and formed a flag line.  You know you got him good when he gives you that “deer in the head lights” look.  And that is the look we got from Manish.  We proceeded to beat him up pretty good with back slaps, hand shakes, hugs and shouts of welcome home.  When the smoke settled Manish agreed to allow us to escort his family home.  With Evesham PD leading the way, we meandered through town and eventually made our way to the family home.  Our friends from the Yellow Ribbon Club (YRC) were out in full force, along with extended family, neighbors and friends.  Several presentations were made.  “joemfitter” presented the WWR coin, then “Cavalier” presented Sona with a Spousal Certificate and lapel pin. Shawn from A-Hero’s Welcome, South Jersey Chapter, presented a certificate as well.

Thanks go out to the YRC for doing what you do, the Evesham PD for providing the “official” bells and whistles and the Evesham FD for being there with that great BIG American flag that we all love seeing as we bring home a hero.  Thanks also to the many riders, from various clubs and groups, who make up the WWR.   YOU ALL ROCK!