Easter is always a special day and this year it became an even more special day as the Warriors Watch Riders were once again invited to accompany the family of Shaun Whitehead as they visited Shaun’s grave to honor him on the 3rd anniversary of his death while serving our country in Iraq.  The Whitehead family has allowed us to be a part of their remembrance of Shaun for each year since his death and I plan on being there for them as long as they will have me.

We all do a lot of things in our lives that just pass with time and you never really think much about them.  For Snap and LJ it was the first mission that Snap was the Ride Captain,  but I specifically remember the Shaun Whitehead mission and escorting him to the cemetery as an event happened that I really gave a lot of thought to in my mind and have discussed it with others.  I would like to share that event with you now.

The turnout for Shaun Whiteheads funeral was huge and looking back I would guess there were maybe a couple hundred motorcycles and many cages.  I was somewhere around the middle of the group in the escort and we were going out through the country and as we crossed a bridge all of a sudden 2 White Doves flew out of the bushes on my left and flew off.  I am certain there was no one in the bushes to release those Doves .  Part of my reason for reflecting on this moment is related back to another mission I did where the family released White Doves and the Doves circled the gravesite and then flew off in a group.  I know those were trained birds and they are to symbolize the Soul being freed up to Heaven.  With this thought in mind it has never left my thoughts that those birds I saw fly out of the bushes that day had to of been some kind of sign. 

Gathering at the graveside Bobby led us off with a Prayer and then I was honored once again to be able to say a few words and place a Wreath at the head of Shaun’s beautiful stone marker.  The family and friends then laid flowers on the stone.  After a few moments of reflection Bobby called upon Shaun’s brother Barry Whitehead who the family had just met that day to come forward.  Barry is attending Ranger school and Bobby gave him a WWR coin after explaining to him the significance of each of the markings.  A nice group photo was taken and then we went back to the Whiteheads home to finish Breaking Bread. 

 I know how hard it was for so many to break away from their families on Easter Sunday, and I would like to say a huge Thank You to each and every one of those who attended.  Thank you to the Whitehead family for your hospitality and the time we spent Breaking Bread.