Ride Report posted for James S

It truly doesn’t get any better than this…

The NIL WWR received an invite to welcome home a US Army Captain. The Mom, Marilyn aka “Mickey” asked if we’d be able to welcome her son home. She was quite enthused about the WWR and like many parents wanted the best for her soldier.

I spoke to her about her son, and family. She mentioned how her son was a Captain in the Army  and now was at home, that he had so many admirers. She mentioned that they would be having a party in his honor.

So the usual calls to our contacts were sent out, the media was notified and the staging times were set.

As happens on occasion, another rally opportunity arose and I contacted “Mickey” to ask if it’d be ok if we bumped the time back a bit to allow us to also have the other rally. She enthusiastically said yes!.

We gathered up after the previous rally, did a ride brief and I called “Mickey”, I asked if she was ready for us? She very excitedly said Yes! I told her, you’ll hear us before you see us!

The call to “light ‘em up” was made, and with my ever trusty GPS we were off. The ride was a brief 1.7 miles to a subdivision.  As we maneuvered through the homes side streets the Warriors Watch riders rumble and horns made it clear we were there! As we turned onto the street you could see a crowd gathered on the lawn and driveway. As if we weren’t loud enough, the crowd almost drowned us out with cheers.

We dismounted and as I approached the family I made it no mistake we were here to see “CAPTAIN SARA’!

The crowd all pointed to a fine man who was almost 7 feet tall. I looked around to see if there was a Blue Ox named Babe because this soldier would make Paul Bunyan stand in shadow. This Captain stood tall and his pride and appreciation showed on his very broad smile.

As our warriors approached and our customary “reception” line formed I gathered “Mickey” and family up to do our customary ceremony.

A beading, and coining presentation was made…then it was discovered we had THREE more military members present!

Quick..get more coins! …more beads! 

So, what was to be a welcome home for a fine US Army Captain, now became an impromptu presentation to a Captain John Mensik US Army, Lt. Terrence Doyle, US Navy and the very shy Lt. Becki Haggard US Navy

WOW, as the saying goes.. “where do we get such people?” I’ll tell you, we get them from Cary Illinois, and I have to say ..they grow them tall there… and with so much honor and pride, well words fail me…..