Ride Report Posted for James S


With spring quickly approaching the need to ride and welcome home some fine military fighting men and women was getting unbearable…….



Fortunately a request came in from Mom Harber. Her son was home and she asked if we could escort him to a welcome home party.  YES! We got One!


I spoke to Mom about what she would like. She knew in an instant, and had a place to stage and where we would end up at. (A WWR Ride captain’s dream). She mentioned a Road house which was just up the road and that there was a park across from her home. She knew the local VFW would be present, and that the Fire department was willing to participate. (didn’t I say she was a RC’s dream).


The contacts for LEO and Fire were made (hat tip to “Archie”).  As luck would have it the deputy Fire Chief is a rider, and was enthusiastic to ride.


We did the ride brief with mom filling in the details of her sons service. We formed a flag line, and recruited her son as a spotter for his vehicle. A quick call from brother to brother confirmed he was enroute and with his arrival the traditional swarming of his car. 


Our usual reception line was formed with hugs and well wishes. Mom asked me if she could get in line. I shouldered in and we took “cuts”. The owner of the Road House stepped up and wished our soldier well. So, with all the hugs and well wishes on this end set, it was time to “light ‘em up” Mom and our hero mounted up with two of our fine Warriors “Matter” and “Big Joe”. Unbeknownst to Mom and son, it was better to be on these two bikes, both are equipped with Warrior Style exhaust and made it clear we were on our way.


With LEO in front, followed by Fire and Fire Deputy we quickly set off to the welcome home.


The ride was brief, and on one particular corner a few family and friends had gathered to get a first glimpse of the hero. Though with so many bikes, Fire, Police and cages and flags it was difficult to see this heroes huge smile and moms waving from the back seat of a loud bike.


We approached the park and it appeared that almost every resident of Lake Barrington Illinois had gathered to welcome home this fine MARINE.


We dismounted and approached a cheering and applauding group. It was clear mom was overjoyed, and this MARINE was indeed welcome. He stood surrounded by Warriors, Boy Scouts, VFW veterans and many, many well wishers.


The beading and coin ceremony was conducted, and the traditional “banner signing” was done. LCPL Haber’s name is now apart of our ever growing list of fighting men and women.