Ride Report posted for Country Mike

James E. Bowen Sr. WWII Veteran.

Warriors Watch Riders met at our rally point and headed to St Martha Church. We formed our flag line before the arrival of the funeral procession. As the casket was taken out of the hurst to the Church enterance, we presented arms. We reformed our flag line as Mass ended and once again presented arms as the casket was returned to the hurst. We had a police escort from Phila. PD. We arrived at the Cemetary and reformed our flag line. As the ceremony was ending, one of the mourners pointed to the sky. One by one they all shifted their attention to the sky. Some weeped. I turned to look also and there was two vapor lines that jets make. It was a cross in the sky. A perfectly shaped cross.

Thank You James E. Bowen Sr.  WWII Veteran The Greatest Generation for Your Service
Thank you to the  Bowen family for inviting us to stand Honors, and to Phila. PD who is always there.

Country Mike