Ride Report posted for CanAm Chris

On a clear Saturday afternoon Carole DeJohn pulled into the Kohl’s parking lot in Royersord, PA. In the vehicle with Carole was her son, Army Specialist Vincent DeJohn , whom she had just picked up at the airport after his yearlong deployment in Iraq. As they turned through the lot they were greeted by cheers and applause from a dual column flag line of Warriors’ Watch Riders and A Hero’s Welcome.


We gave Vincent a Mug-N-Hug in the parking lot as his Mom stood by smiling. When she said she could not believe how many people came out to welcome her son home there was no doubt that the first part of the mission was a success.


After that we mounted up and headed for the family’s home. When we turned onto Schuylkill Road we picked up an escort from the North Coventry Police and had several fire trucks join the procession. Along the route there were many well-wishers holding American flags and “Welcome Home” posters. A large contingent of people cheered as we rode by the North Coventry Fire House.

As we got close to Vincent’s house the Fire Department had set up a flag arch for us to ride under and many of the neighbors where standing along the road to wave and welcome him home.


We arrived at the house and Vincent’s family and friends were anxious to greet him after he had been deployed. He did a brief interview for the local newspaper and we gave him one more resounding “Welcome Home” before departing.


Thank you to the DeJohn family for allowing us to welcome their Hero home.

We greatly appreciate the help of Corporal Paul Holladay and Officer Stephanie Scartozzi of the North Coventry Police Department and many thanks to Chief Terry Hipple and the entire Norco Fire Department for a job well done.