Ride Report posted for Spike
We were notified by Dale’s wife Erica that Dale was coming home.Dale is with a MP Unit deployed to Afghanistan.Dale is also a Active Duty California Highway Patrolman. Flight was due in during the afternoon, we met erica at Oakland airport with 9 fellow officers. As Dale came down the stairs to us , there were cheers from his CHP patrolman and also
other passengers.
We gathered up the Ssgt. and his Family and headed back to their home in the North Bay. The Ride took about an Hour and a  half. We got our Ssgt. and his family home and we hung around to chat a bit. We presented Dale with the WWR coin and he was stunned that we road all the way to his home. His kids were so happy to see him as well as other family members. Erica was also so happy to have her husband home. Welcome Home Ssgt. Hernandez.