Ride Report posted for Spike
This story & mission has many twists and turns in it. I first heard about Ben thru a freind of mine who does EastBay Standdown with me.His name is Sean and he also is a member of the Mighty Mighty 45th , a Air Cargo Unit at Travis AFB. This Unit is also a Host Sister unit to  my Unit NCHB3 ,which we also have a  Air Side. Also Andy one of  our friends and a WWR member is in this Unit. Andy & Ben are both deployed together.
Now while Ben is deployed , my friend Josie, she is the President of East County Military Families and Friends . She and several volunteers and a Mayor went over to Ben’s home,which his grandmother lives  has. They did a Mini makeover, fixed Ben’s room, got him a new bed and cleaned the house,plus yard work.Funny how all this comes
 together. Well , i was told that Unit was coming home,so we went up to Sacramento to welcome them all home ,16 members. Ben and all his team had to back to the base.So, we decided to get him later. And that we did , sean took him to lunch.We staged around the corner , we around 13 bikes and a Roadster” Black Widow 2″ ,2 PD cruisers and Engine #84 , which is a Ladder truck. 2spk1
We grabbed Ben at the Restaurant, which we all go inside and surprise him. Engine #84 Lead the way to ben’s home.PD took care of traffic. With Lights & sirens blaring,we got to Ben’s and there must have been 40 – 50 people waiting. We presented coins , certificates , flags to him ,we also coined his grandmother. This was such a touching Welcome Home due to everything that transpired.