The mass service Saturday at Calverton National Cemetery on eastern Long Island, was the largest of its kind in U.S. history, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs – it is part of a national initiative in recent years to clear a massive backlog of unburied or unclaimed cremated remains of veterans.

After our initial meeting at the primary rally point in NJ and discussing the days forecast, the lone 2 wheeler stood down and the cages continued on to the NY rally point.  At the NY rally point, it was very difficult to get a count of people or list of all of the various groups in attendance from the tri-state that met up for the escort and services.  We WWRers joined multiple chapters of Nam Nights, Blue Knights, Patriot guards, Hells Angels, Leathernecks, Disable American Veterans, members from all branches of service, along with fire, police EMS, politicians and fellow Americans wishing to display their gratitude.   Out of the approx 200 vehicles in the escort procession NONE ended up being 2 wheels!  The escort was extremely well supported for the entire 56 mile final journey, there was not an intersection unblocked, barely an overpass that did not have a Fire department honor guard on it or alongside the highway along with a scattering of people the entire route displaying their gratitude and  support. 

It was such an honor to be a part of this ceremony and services to give our thanks and gratitude to these, and all veterans.

      Respectfully,  Papa and Moma-hawk