Ride Report posted for Readbeard
Our Hero was coming home from his latest tour to Afghanistan and his family wanted to make this welcome home a little special.

It was a very cold night, personally I thought that there would be only one or two motorcycles that would show up BUT AS ALWAYS, the surprise was on me.

We rallied at a local Parking Lot a few miles from our Heroes Home Destination. (Mom and sis had our Hero in the car and would meet up with us.)

As we waited for their car to pull up, I counted about 11 motorcycles, two Police vehicles and two Fire trucks and one cage all stuffed in a rather busy parking lot.

When our Hero pulled up in their car, He was greeted with cheers and received that famous Mug & Hug from all who was on hand there. After a photo op we formed up an Escort Line and headed towards our Heroes Home with the Pine Hill Police Department in the lead. I have to say, With the noise that was being produced from this Escort, with the Lights Flashing, Bikes Revving, Sirens and Horns blaring , I just couldn’t help but think how many children would be running to their windows thinking SANTA CLAUSE was coming to town… LOL … Well It was better then the Jolly one coming to town, It was a true American Hero coming Home to his Family, Friends and Community and Everyone could see it was happening in “ROCK STAR” fashion.

With the help from the Gloucester Township Police, and the Pine Hill Police, We had a NON STOP escort that took us right down the Main Street in Pine Hill where the Pine Hill Fire Department along with Clementon produced some awesome display of appreciation for this Hero. As we turned the corner we were met with that Magical surprise of the Yellow Ribbon Club and the things they seem to do so effortlessly, which is turn a street into a Patriotic Welcome Home Party.

With a Few words of appreciation and Thanks and some Chilly Hugs and Hand shakes we turned this Hero over to the community and more important, to His loved ones who had waited so long for his arrival back home.

It might have been a Cold Night… With the Temperature dropping each second, The frozen air and numb feelings of Riding a Motorcycle or standing outside waiting all went away when you witnessed the love and joy of another Hero being united back with His Loved ones.

Welcome Home to you Cpl Jerry Smith, Thank you for all you and your family have endured to provide us with the freedom that we so love.

A special thank you needs to go out to the Pine Hill and Gloucester Township Police Departments. ( Lt Chris Winter )

Also to the Pine Hill and Clementon Fire Departments.