Ride Report posted for Whamo

Gen. Pete’s services were divided into three parts and three days;  Viewing and Rosary, a Memorial Service and  internment. WWR’s  schedule allowed support for the first two events, 30 Dec and 31 Dec. Although the first mission was at night in cloudy rainy conditions, 13 bikes, 2 trikes, 3 cages and 21 members showed to honor General Pete and his family. Numerous thanks were expressed from family and friends, showing that what we do is greatly appreciated. Gen Pete, being a personal friend of mine, gives me the opportunity to tell you each how much I appreciate what you do for the mission. The second day 9 bikes, 3 trikes, 3 cages and 17 members showed for support. The day was beautiful and the service was extra special. A flag line was stood twice, both before and after the service and the bell was tolled. Once again the family thanked all the riders from each organization that participated in honoring Maj. Gen. Peterson and his family and friends.