Ride Report posted for RJ

This was definitely what you would call a teaching moment.  Your RC on a stage with a true American hero and 100 kids hanging on every word. Some future WWRs? Proud Americans, for sure.

From our staging area in a school parking lot in Gurnee, IL, we stopped outside the Fire Station (as planned) and waited for our escort.  Following the flashing lights and sirens, we pulled into the Gurnee Community Church parking lot where the crowd, as pre-arranged had assembled. 

I sent a couple riders ahead with flags, so the kids were formed into two lines behind the flags and we wound up driving through our own flag line to applause and cheers.  A little turnabout, but that happens sometimes when you’re improvising.
Anxious to get back into the warmth of their auditorium, they invited us inside for our WWR presentation.  Spec Cahill was marched up onto the stage, where I had to join him for the “ceremony”.  Suddenly there were 100 pairs of young, impressionable eyes upon me, their parents looking on.  We thanked the firefighters who had joined us and told them we appreciated everything they do to protect our lives and our property.  This was especially meaningful because the flags in front of their fire station were flying at half mast in solidarity with the Chicago Fire Dept, who lost two firefighters last week.

I showed the kids an award Peter got from the Army and explained why he and everyone out there protecting our freedom here at home were heroes.  It was something. Beads, coin and banner followed.

As I opened the door to my car in the parking lot, the church bell started to ring.  It was probably just a coincidence.
Respectfully submitted,

Bob Abrams, AKA “RJ”