Ride Report posted for RJ

It was cold, foggy and snowy; Christmas shopping traffic was horrendous and it was a very short notice mission.  And still we were there to welcome Marine hero John Young back from his tour of duty.

John’s mom, Renatta met with USO representative Bob Stone with plenty of time to get herself, husband and daughter to the gate. Soon after, we gathered in the Cell Phone Lot at Chicago’s Midway Airport, waiting for word of Cpl Young’s arrival. 

After a visit to Baggage Claim, John and his family were escorted by CPD from the terminal to the Cell Phone Lot and our flag line. Some hugs and “Welcome Home’s”, then we presented John with our beads and challenge coin and had him sign our banner.  The Young’s still had a long way to go-Milford, IL is about 2 hours south of Midway, but we escorted the family about 9 miles down Cicero Ave to Interstate 57, where we honked and waved farewell.  John’s returning home for good in March and we’re already planning a joint mission in Kankakee, IL with Soldier’s Guardian Angels down there.  I would expect good cooperation, we all know that its about the soldiers and their families, not us.

Special thanks to Bob Stone (USO), CPD, CoachTeacherJudy, Snake and our soon to be EOD, Dan Rayas.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Abrams “RJ”