Ride Report posted for Fringy

Welcome home Sgt. Wayne Rogers and No man/woman left behind in the snow on their motorcycles or in their cages.

Mother Nature decided that the snow storm that went southeast to Georgia and the Carolina’s was going to take a left turn and go North up the eastern coastline instead of making the right turn towards the Atlantic, bringing us an unexpected snow storm.  However this didn’t deter any of the Warrior Watch Riders (WWR) from the long planned welcome home escort for Sgt. Wayne Rogers.  Stg. Wayne, his wife Michelle and family came home from Georgia, where he is stationed, to spend the Christmas holidays with family and friends.  

Michelle had contact me regarding the Warriors Watch and the welcome escort in the spring.  And, I remember her asking me if the escort would still take place in the snow and I explained that yes we would have the escort but we would just bring our cars.   Well needless to say the snow arrived and yes we did the escort however there were about 10 two wheelers and about 15 or more cages!  We started our venture 11:15 am at the WaWa at the intersection of StreetRoad and Hulmeville Road in Bensalem, PA.   While the WWR rallied there we were able to organize an escort line up with Meatball at the lead (and blocker) and Lee as tailgunner and blocker. 

As we left the WaWa we proceeded west on StreetRoad to the Great American Pub (GAP) where Sgt. Wayne Rogers was having lunch with his family.  After the bikes and cages were parked the WWR lined up outside of the Pub and waited for Sgt. Wayne’s wife to bring him out on cue.   When he came out of the GAP he was very surprised to WWR lined up waiting to welcome him home.  WWR gave him the well known Mug-n-Hug all while he was just in awe.  Since were running a little early and the weather was deteriorating quickly we decided to do the presentation of both the WWR coin and the certificate (Heather presented the certificate) at the GAP.  Sgt. Wayne made a short speech thanking everyone for being there and also explained that when he saw the bikes pull into the parking lot that he thought to himself “what dedication” and how he would like to have that kind of dedication.  And how he sees these escorts for others and it never crossed his mind that the escort was for him.  I (Fringy) must say that after reading the sergeant’s bio,  “ I believe that serving 13 years for his country and 3 tours in Afghanistan that to me is real and true dedication!!!”  Afterwards we all lined back up to make our way to the American Legion Post 960 on Woodbourne in Levittown, PA.  Again, Meatball was the lead and Lee was the tail gunner with the Bucks County Courier Times Reporter following.  As they kept the pace slow we headed east on StreetRoad and turned on to Hulmeville Road which we followed untill it changed to Trenton Road where we were greeted by the Middletown Twp Police Dept. 

 What a great feeling to see Middletown ready and waiting for us.  There was an police vehicle at every intersection and lead us to the American Legion and blocked the traffic for us to turn into the driveway where we were greeted by the honor guard and the family and friends of Sgt Wayne.  At the legion Sgt Wayne was greet by the American Legion and the honor guard.  They presented him with a certificate and coin from the American Legion.    Family and friends gave him a warm welcome on a cold snowy day.  It was a pleasure to lead this ride.  Not only because we escorted home a soldier from his last tour of duty but also because there was so much cooperation and support from the WWR, both together made the wintery day seem much brighter and warmer than the snow storm we were facing. 

Sgt Wayne Rogers thank you for your service and dedication to the USA and yes you are very much appreciated.