Ride Report posted for Spike

1spkIts not very often we get to do Missions up at Sacramento Airport,But one of the riders is attached to the Mighty Mighty 45th,Air Cargo Unit at Travis. This Unit is also the Host / Sister Unit for NCHB3 my Unit, My unit’s Air Cargo drills with the Airforce. So, Andy informs me that at least 16 members are coming home thru Sacramento Airport.

Although the airport is very unfriendly to these missions,as far as parking for the bikes. Like San Jose,Oakland,SFO which really take good care of us. we staged outside the airport with 6 bikes from Co Co County(us) and at least 8 Bikes from the Sacramento Area. We rolled over and parked in the garage,went inside and waited for  the Flight to arrive.There were many family and friends there as well. And several support groups such as Defenders Of Freedom, BSM’s, SAMS, and PGR with Us. Soon the first few Airmen showed up at the top of the escalator,the crowd started cheering ,families started screamimg. The Hugs started flying,tears of joy streaming down many cheeks.Andy was with us,to welcome home his Unit. Also one of the  members was a resident of Pittsburg,one of our neighbors “Ben”.
which we did a welcome Home for several days later. Well, we had 2 vans with members onboard heading to the Base,some headed home with their families. We then got our bikes and Escorted the 2 vans to Travis AFB, we kept going as the Vans took the exit and we waved them on. The smiles coming thru the widows of the vans were priceless.