Ride Report posted for R/C :  6Pack
We were invited to attend the Livermore Rodeo Parade in support of the Livermore Veterans Foundation. 10 Riders staged at a local Starbucks a short distance from downtown. 7 of us went to the parade, 2 went to a separate mission, and one rode with the Shriners in the parade. We had bit of a wait until the start of the parade before we finally got to join the procession. The route was just less than a mile, but we revved the engines and waved to the crowd along the entire route. We rode three abreast. The single rider in the rear handed out a few small US flags to several people along the route who were actually standing and showing the proper respect to the flags we were flying on our bikes. When we got to the judges stand the two rows of bikes did a 45° right turn and stopped. The lone rider pulled up along side, dismounted, and saluted the judges stand before re-mounting and then we continued on.

The crowd loved the two trucks and 7 bikes. We got a lot of applause, waves, whistles and yells. The second of two vehicles was driven by Tami Jenkins, founder of the Livermore Military Families Support Group. She had a large Poster size photo of her son in uniform held out her window. This drew more applause and cheers from the crowed than we did.

The parade was over before we knew it. A few of the riders had to return home for family events, a few of us headed over to Dublin to meet up before going to Oakland for a welcome home at a train station.