Ride Report posted for Spike

This mission is a little closer to home.Our good friend rick,who is the editor of our local hometown paper.This was his son, we gathered up 9 bikes and met Rick at the airport.Now Chris told his dad that he did not want any special treatment,well that did’nt go over to well with Dad and us. So, we made him carry his own bags.LOL, Rick was so happy to see his son. We did our mug & Hug at the airport with a group airport picture,the headed to

Brentwood.There waiting was all the support groups.Along the way we picked up several bikes and the POW/MIA corvette.I could see Chris in my mirror,he had the biggest grin. We turned the corner on his street and there must have been 40+ Friends,family and patriots there waiting. Chris’s high school teacher was there, 5 PD cruisers,FD and 

 11 Bikes. Many folks came up to speak, thank him for his service and or just share what he was like growing up.He was presented coins, certificates,flags. The Laffayette Flag Brigade did the Honors of MC’ing the Ceremony