Ride Report posted for Spike

Turned out to a pretty good day,this was a double mission day the Sgt.Maj. We started out with the 1st part by picking him up at the airport.We stood there with his family waiting his arrival.Finally with the look of shock,he came down the escalator with his wife. His family surrounded him with hugs. The Sgt. Maj. had many years of service , involved with several Conflicts, some in the books and some not. A proud Soldier for sure,he was so surprised that we were there. After all these years this was the 1st time anyone ,other than his family came to meet him.

And we not only came to Welcome him,we also escorted him.Which he never knew until his family pulled up outside the airport. We had a un-evenful escort back to the family (brother’s) Ranch in Livermore. We stayed for a short bit once we arrived,then headed out.Not saying a word about the mission coming up a few hours later. So, the 10 bikes and 2 cages left.
Later on ,in the evening we staged at the 7/11 across from where the family took the Sgt. Maj. to Dinner. We then staged up the 20+ bikes and the MIA/POW corvette , we rolled to the entrance of the restaurant. We all got off our bikes,went inside the restaurant to surprise him. And was he surprised to see us again. We all gave him the traditional mug & hug.I asked him if they were done, Then I asked if we could escort him and his family home. He said “yes”,Now the family is all in on this,while they are at dinner,the rest of the network is at the house decorating.So now,as we begin to leave ,I stop with the Sgt. Maj. next to me,and announce to the restaurant that we have a American Soldier with us,that just came home.

The whole place erupts with cheers & Clapping.We get outside , and mount up. We escort back to the house(ranch) where at least 50+ folks are waiting.We pull up,and park,the Sgt. Maj. is just floored at all the folks there.We have one hellava ceremony. He will never forget this one for sure. Certificates,flags and coins were presented to him.