Ride Report posted for Bob Abrams

Another two-fer!  Waiting at the Des Plaines Oasis for Sgt LeBlanc to arrive enroute to his home in Lake In The Hills from O’hare Airport, we caught Sgt Steve Gallagher trying to sneak into town without some WWR hugs. Not on my watch, Sgt Gallagher.  We just had time to coin, bead and hug that hero when David LeBlanc drove into our flag line with his very surprised son and our hero in the front seat.

A Purple Heart recipient, Sgt Roland LeBlanc is also up for commendations from both the Navy and Marines. But our hero didn’t have a jacket with him, so we greeted him quickly in the parking lot and got him back into a warm car for the 45 minute ride home.  We were about 45 minutes ahead of schedule, so we notified the Illinois State Police that we were taking off, our hero was anxious to reunite with his family. Without incident we made the 30 mile trek west on the interstate, in very cohesive fashion.  We were met on the exit ramp by the Elgin PD, who escorted us to their border, where we were seamless transferred to the Carpentersville PD, then to Algonquin PD and finally to Lake In The Hills PD.  There were also fire trucks and ambulances along for the ride provided by the last three municipalities.  Big thanks to Doug Mace for getting us such great LEO support.

Once at the LeBlanc home we offered another round of “Welcome Home’s”, and convinced the Sergeant to don a parka before we continued with our presentation; a little keepsake folder, the beads and a coin. We also got to meet and greet Kilo, Sgt LeBlac’s American Bulldog, named after Kilo Company. Sgt LeBlanc signed a brand new banner, posed with family, friends and WWR and we wished them all a joyous holiday reunion.  That was one happy bulldog!

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Abrams “RJ”