Ride Report posted for Bob Abrams

This was a textbook case of planning on the run.  It was 9:15 am when I saw the posting that said an RC was needed to escort Sailors from Great Lakes Naval Base to a VFW post in Winthrop Harbor, IL at 10:30 for Xmas dinner.  After a couple phone calls I hooked my trailer to my bike and told my wife, Teri to follow in the cage….just in case.  We got to Great Lakes a little after 10, but they weren’t expecting us and wouldn’t let us on the base.   A few more phone calls and they finally told us to wait in the Visitor’s Parking Lot.

A half hour later, keeping warm in the cage we saw the 3 buses pull out WITHOUT US and take off down the road.  The chase was on! It took us a couple of miles to catch up with the buses, but when we rolled past them, lights flashing horns blaring it was clear those sailors were happy to see us. We pulled in front of the buses and Teri called the Zion, IL police to let them know our ETA at their border, where Officer L.T. Brown met and led us to our final destination.

We welcomed and thanked all the sailors as they got off the buses and they thanked us for the escort.  I think they got a big kick out of the chase, the sirens and the lights.

Inside, there were a couple dozen turkeys and side dishes galore for 3 busloads of grateful sailors. We declined dinner (it was only 11:00am), but enjoyed hanging out with our warriors for a while before wishing them Merry Christmas and adieu.

Outside Teri said she felt bad there weren’t more of us there for the escort. I asked her how she felt about HER part in the mission.  She said she felt great about it.  I agreed and told her I was just glad that we were able to get there in time.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Abrams