Ride Report posted for Liver

Short notice? No problem.

When Karey Kelly and the Harmonville Fire Company wanted to welcome home her husband, their friend, whose travel plans were constantly changing it took less than 24hrs to take the call – and less than 8 after confirming arrival – to get the troops out to help.

Kelly started his career in the Navy in 1994 participating in Desert Strike and other deployments until his honorable discharge in 1997. A part of the Inactive Ready and US Navy Reserves Kelly re-signed with the Reserves as a US Navy Seabee in 2008. Shortly after Liam, the Kelley’s first child, was born Dennis was deployed to California for 3 months before being deployed to Afghanistan for 8 months starting in April of 2010.

Members of the WWR, A Hero’s Welcome and the Harmonville Fire Company gathered at the fire house in Plymouth Meeting in order to receive the Kelly family after meeting Dennis at his flight home to Philadelphia.

After a short reunion with his friends at the fire house the Kelly family was escorted home by local fire and police departments as well as many well-wishers along the 2 mile route through town, passing under a large American flag hanging in the stiff breeze over the main street.

Turning into the Kelly neighborhood the street was lined end to end with small American flags, the cul de sac awash with bright lights from fire trucks and the vehicles filling the street. In their door ways, along the street and flooding the Kelly front yard neighbors were everywhere on this cold December evening showing their appreciation and true patriotism for their native Son returning home to his family, friends and now 15 month old child.

Kelly was coined and presented with a certificate while the crowd looked on, remarking “it’s just a job”. While a part of the dedication, effort and sacrifice may be a ‘job’ there is nothing ordinary about it – and a chorus of attendees reminded everyone assembled of that.

After a brief stay and the coining of a WWR Son by Calamity on the Kelly’s yard we departed to return to our homes.

Thanks to Bobcat for riding out, Maria & A Hero’s Welcome, Chris Schwartz and the Harmonville FD as well as the local PD, FD, friends, families and neighbors who – once again – turned out in Plymouth Meeting to really show folks how it’s done!