Ride Report posted for Guido

Sgt. 1st Class Bruce Heatley has come home from his 3rd tour in Iraq. This 22 year Army veteran was brought home from Fort Dix to Plymouth meeting by his wife Lori and their two children on Thursday December 2nd. Lori had pre arranged a Warriors Watch escort unknown to Bruce. When Lori and the family pulled into the rally point at Harmon Valley Fire station on Germantown Pike at 6:45 P.M., there were several motorcycles, and fire apparatus waiting to escort our hero the last leg of his journey home. Bruce was very surprised, and the positive energy was running high.

 Action news interviewed our hero and then the Harmonville Fire Fighters immediately put Bruce and his wife atop engine 44 and the parade through Plymouth meeting began. With police cars , firetrucks and a nice showing of Warriors watch motorcycles in parade fashion en route. We made a lot of noise along the way. every single intersection was blocked by surrounding fie departments apparatus under full lights and sirens. The people who lived along the full parade route were all told days before of our heroes arrival, and stood out at the street waiving flags and well wishes the entire route.
When we arrived at our heroes home , he was coined be R/C Guido Kaiser. We then called Vietnam Vet Jack Reiff to the front of the large group and we coined him also. Jack was a recipient of the Bronze star so we saw it fitting the one of our own WWR Bronze s Star Vets, Lee coined Jack, It was a  40 year over due welcome home for Jack and the emotions on Jack and his wife’s faces are beyond description. Guys like Bruce and Jack are our national treasures. It was an honor to bring them home. The Plymouth Meeting Firefighters, and Police went above and beyond the call to make this happen. great ride WWR and thank you all!