Ride Report posted for Rick

This event was put together by a group of concerned Bikers in an effort to get the bikers as well as the public to “Look Twice for Bikes”. A spin-off of the Annual Fund Raiser held in May, this Ride was dedicated to those lost and injured while riding. Most riders wore black armbands in remembrance of their friends and family that have been downed.

Deb, Jim, Step, Tom and Chere did the footwork and got the word out to as many of the MC and Independents as possible, resulting in nearly 250 bikes attending. Deb and Jim had brightly colored T’s and tanks out, and the CMA set up a refreshment tent for the startoff.

I lost count of the MC at 15 Clubs. Dan took lead as Safety and Awareness Coordinator for the STXCOC and sent Riders out in spaced groups, beginning with the MC and following with sets of 10-20 Independents . All told, it was about 45 minutes of biker ‘packs’ taking to the highway. Interstate 37 to Hwy 358 (South Padre Island Drive) slices through the city.

The Ride was fully across Corpus Christi, from Labonte Park on the North end to Doc’s Restaurant on Padre Island in the South. Local News followed the event and interviewed the principals, giving the public a closer view of what was happening.

“The Civilians” volunteered to provide free music at the end point, a good three piece band.

A great day for all!