Ride Report posted for RC Glen DeVries.
 Deeply Touched
(This is the first of the “Deeply Touched” ride reports)
We ride with honor and respect, red, white, and blue flying behind our bikes.
We meet and greet with love and passion for the front line hero’s that protect our freedom.
We bestow coins and beads with hopes of showing our real appreciation.
We clap, hug, give thanks, and take pictures to mark the day for remembering.
But, the true fulfillment of the mission comes from someone “Deeply Touched”.
Please read below about the sendoff party for US Army PFC Nathan Rogers.
Thank you to the Warrior’s Watch riders who came to the party.  Nathan put the coin in his pocket and the beads on his belt.  He told me that the beads are going with him and he is going to wear them inside his vest.  He felt so much support that day and he carries it with him.  I spoke to his wife, Ivy today and she said that he is telling everyone what a great thing you are all doing.  We all thank you for your support.

The Rogers Family