Ride Report posted for RJ

What a great way to start Thanksgiving!!  This annual event is put together by Chicago Ridge (IL) Chief of Police Robert D. Pyznarski and his wife,  Debbie.  Support comes from neighboring fire departments, community organizations, local residents, WWR Tom Tallman and,  of course BIKERS.
They picked up a busload of Seaman Recruits from Great Lakes Naval Base, north of Waukegan, IL and brought them, with Illinois State and Chicago Ridge Police escort to the Glenn Maker American Legion post in Chicago Ridge.  En route they stopped at the Hinsdale Oasis where WWR and some American Vet Riders had staged and we led them back onto the tollway with lights flashing and horns blaring.  About 3 blocks from the American Legion hall I caught glimpse of the fire snorkels raised high above the street, Old Glory rippling in the breeze.  How is it that never ceases to bring a lump into your throat?

After several minutes of “un-staging”, our heroes lighted from the bus and walked the flag line across the parking lot.  Inside, they were welcomed and thanked by many with short, poignant speeches. Each sailor was given a disposable camera, which they identified with their names and addresses, to be forwarded to them by the event organizers, once developed.  As I gathered up handsful of cameras to take pictures, one group shot on each camera, the sailors started to relax and enjoy the company.  Couches, flat-screen TVs and video games had been brought in for them to enjoy while waiting for a deep-fried turkey dinner with all the fixings.  After pictures I asked if anyone needed to make a call. I didn’t see my cell phone again for an hour!

As I left the American Legion Hall and Chicago Ridge behind, I looked forward to sharing a great Thanksgiving meal with my family.  My other family.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Abrams “RJ”