Ride report posted for Dennis Jolly

The day finally got here, to the excitement of Karen Dalton. We had been planning this for about a month waiting for Andy to get home to the states and then flight to Philly.

Seems that everyone pitched in on this one. Which made my RC job much easier.

Where did it all start?

Joe O’Hara contacted Karen and me and said he wanted to be there with his fire truck, then he said his friend, Inspector Tony Boyle of Philadelphia PD and the Highway Patrol wanted to be there and lead the escort all the way to Dublin, PA. Not done yet, more calls. Joe says, his buddy will be using his stretch Limo to take them down to the airport and home. Still not done! Phone calls to Montgomery township PD (Andy is a LEO there). Officer Scott Bendig helping me with MTPD support. They have never taken part in one of these (MTPD is about to experience something very special ). Posting on WWR forum with updates. Then more updates. Then more updates! Your Guys & Gals at WWR know how it goes.

TV stations calling. Ch 6, Ch 3 wanting to do Thanksgiving stories about a soldier coming home.

Ok enough of the history lesson. I’m tired just thinking about it!

The day is here. We all meet at Phila Fire House Engine 69 near the airport. We depart for Terminal D to greet Andy. Karen, her son Trevor, mom Jeanette , dad Larry and brother Patrick are very excited. We didn’t have to wait long as Andy’s plane came in right on time. WWR set our flag line up the escalator steps, Judy Burns of “A Hero’s Welcome” Tracking the flight and getting the family to the gate, media in place and here come Andy. WOW! He was surprised!

We get the family in the limo and we head out with Inspector Boyle On his Phila PD motorcycle and Highway Patrol cars blocking our way. Behind Phila PD, was Joe and his Fire Truck. Then Warrios’ Watch Riders, Limo and more WWR riders. Followed by family, Off duty Montgomery Township PD, WWR and “A Hero’s Welcome” in Cars.

It was a flawless escort, 56 miles 1.5 hrs, up 95 to Dublin not once did we put our feet down. The escort went past Andy’s Montgomery Township headquarters. Lining the road were all the police department personnel and The other officers saluting Andy as he went by.

What a day! I want to thank all that I have mentioned but most importantly, I want to thank my WWR brothers and sister for coming out.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our troops and families serving our country.

More photos by Dennis Jolly here: