Ride Report posted for Jaguar

Flag lines formed flanking the driveway leading to the personnel entrance of the hanger at Palwaukee Airport. As family members arrived the lines came to attention and rendered a salute to those suffering the loss of Lance Corporal James Stack.


The second display of esteem revealed how large this group of volunteers was when two flag lines stretched from front to rear of the hanger bay. With family members seated and Marine Corp honor guards standing at attention massive hanger doors slowly opened to allow a  twin engine jet into the bay between the rows of stars and stripes. When the call to salute was issued by the Marine Corp Gunnery Sergeant muted rustle of biker leather broke the near complete silence of the moment as riders participated in the arrival ceremony.


A police and fireman escort led Warriors’ Watch Riders with U.S.A and Marine Corp flags mounted on motorcycles when the procession left Palwaukee for Arlington Heights. Airport workers made a corridor of  equipment with emergency lights flashing on both sides of Tower Road. Suspended from an overhead crane was an over-sized stars & stripes that marked the airport exit.


The honor procession for Lance Corporal James Stack wound through neighborhoods with citizens appearing at road side to honor our hero. Crowds varied in size from a few to entire fire departments, schools and whole neighborhoods standing shoulder to shoulder with flags and signs. At no time was there an absence of admirers honoring Lance Corporal Stack. Three news choppers filmed to later report the outpouring of respect and recognition for our departed Marine on the evening news.


The procession stretched for at almost a half mile as estimated by this rider’s view near the back of  Warrior’s Watch Riders column. My first ride brought to tangible form our mission; We will honor our nation’s warriors here at home and support their families while they fight for us abroad.


May god bless Lance Corporal Stack’s loved ones.