Ride Report posted for Fuzzy
There was no surprised look on the face of our Hero, Cpl. Brian Worthington, when he walked out of the Victory Lanes Bar and Grill on Saturday, November 13. After all, it’s kind of hard to hide almost 50 motorcycles with big flags flying behind them in a wide open parking lot.
But there was a smile. A great big smile. Because he knew we were there for him. You see, we had Welcomed his twin brother, Kevin, in the same way almost a year ago.
Brian, Kevin and their Father surprised us by coming out of the bar a few minutes early. We didn’t have our flag line set up so we did the next best thing. We moved quickly to surround Brian in a sea of hugs and handshakes. The “thank you’s” and “welcome home’s” reverberated in the air. It took some time for Brian to be greeted by all of us but that smile didn’t falter once. We had one happy Hero to escort home.
With Berlin Twp.’s Sgt. Joe leading the way we lined up with Brian in the middle of the pack. (He was leaning out of the sun roof waving to everyone we passed all the way home.) Traffic was brought to a stop as we pulled onto Rt. 73 to begin our ride and as if by magic a Voorhees P.D. car appeared at every intersection to make sure we had a clear path until we got to Evesham where they took over the escort. They actually shut down Rt 73 from Berlin to Marlton on a Saturday afternoon for us. What an outstanding job they did.
As members of Warriors Watch, Camden County Hogs, Defenders and A Hero’s Welcome came thundering up the street with our Hero we were met by that beautiful sight. Evesham Fire Dept. and Rescue Squad with a huge flag draped between the trucks. Yellow ribbons and neighbors waving flags and cheering. And Mom Kathy standing there waiting for her son. A goosebump moment for sure.
After the national anthem was played Leslie from the Yellow Ribbon Club called us all to order. She gave us a brief bio of Brian. It had to be brief because of his job in the Marines. As a member of the Fleet Anti Terrorism Security Team, his activities and locations could not be divulged.
Brian’s High School Principle was there to extend her deepest appreciation and admiration for him and his whole family. Mom and Dad are active members of the Yellow Ribbon Club.
Warriors Watch was then given the opportunity to coin Brian.
Shaun from A Hero’s Welcome presented him with a Certificate of Appreciation.
And finally Leslie and the YRC gave Brian a little something for his dogtags! Good thing he is a big strong Marine!
Thank You Cpl. Brian Worthington for your service.
It was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this day.