Ride Report posted for Fuzzybutt

It was a cool evening when 15 bikes, 4 cages, 3 LEO’s, 2 Gloucester Township officials and 1 Colonel Bancroft gathered in the Wawa parking lot to await our Hero, Stephen “Butch” Rothermelpilla and his girlfriend Erica’s arrival from N. Carolina. After recieving a short text from Erica letting us know they were there we quickly moved to our Welcome Home Formation and surprised Stephen with our loud cheers, clapping and Hugs!

We asked and recieved permission from Stephen to escort him to his final destination, his parents home, where a surprise party in his honor was about to begin.

With Gloucester Twp. P.D. leading the way we rode with lights flashing, horns beeping and sirens blaring the short distance to where the Yellow Ribbon Club had once again pulled out all the stops. We arrived to see the Erial Fire Dept. and Rescue Squad lighting up the street and all the neighbors waving us on. Yellow ribbons decorated the street and flags were waving in the breeze. It is a sight that never fails to stir the souls of all who witness it.

After joyfull hugs from Mom and Family, Stephen was drawn to the center of the crowd by Leslie of the Yellow Ribbon Club where she gave us all a short bio of our Hero. She then turned him over to Mayor Meyer of Gloucester Twp., who gave a short speech of appreciation for all Stephen had done for our country. It was Warriors Watch turn next to coin and thank Stephen for his service. And the always awesome Col. Bancroft had a few words for Stephen and the rest of us too.

Finally the YRC awarded Stephen their certificate and “Bling” that never fails to bring a smile.

Leslie then turned him over to the waiting crowd where he was mugged and hugged in that inimitable WWR style.
Thank You Stephen for all that you have done in the service of our country.

And Thank You to Everyone who made this a memorable Welcome Home for another American Hero