On 16 October 2010, a small group of Warriors Watch Riders gathered for the dedication of a memorial for The Fallen Soldiers of Burlington County in Medford, NJ.  Knowing that it would be a solemn morning meeting Gold Star Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Wives, and Children of fallen Heroes. 
  As the familes of our fallen Heroes arrived, they were greeted by the WWR and the Medford ROTC, and were escorted to their seats.  Some arrived with their family in tow and some, a lone Gold Star Mom, with no one to hold when the tears came when her Son’s name was read and Honored. 

  As local government officials, a state senator and a Brigadier General read words of solace and condolence. It was not until the names of the 13 Fallen Heroes, read by a Gold Star Mother, whose son was the catalyst for  the monument, did the tears start falling down the faces of the large gathering that came to honor these Soldiers. A crowd that consisted of veterans, fom WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm and Iraq and Afghanistan.
  An essay contest, that was held in all the Burlington county schools, the winners 2 young ladies from Medford, read their stories,one of an encounter with 2 soldiers, that she knew would be upstanding men.  Asked them for help, who  ot only helped this young lady, but escorted her to meet her uncle in an airport so she wouldn’t get lost.
  The other a story of why most Americans dont thank the young men and women who protect our freedoms and put their lives on the line to make sure we are all safe. A young lady wise beyond her years.
  Each family of the Fallen Soldiers were honored with a Proclamation from Senator John Adler and bestowed with a flag that was flown over the Nations Capitol that these fallen soldiers gave their lives to protect!
  Local officials asked for the veterans in the crowd to come up next to the memorial as a brother and sister of a Fallen Hero unvailed the Memorial.